Children’s Programs

Children’s Programs

Nurturing loving hearts, curious minds and joyful spirits!

We believe that faith is something we live, not something we learn.

Living in loving community strengthens a childs love for others, herself and the world.

Living into a childs holy curiosity about the big questions of life gives a child confidence to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world.

Living with a sense of wonder and reverence everyday deepens a childs capacity for joy and connection.

We also believe worship is something we live, not something we sit through. Worship is when we pause to take the time for wonder, love and gratitude for all that is our lives. Our childrens worship is active and participatory. Each week, on Sunday morning, children will worship together either in Childrens Chapel or in big church.Families can also sign up for a weekly email that includes ideas for extending worship with your children into your familys everyday life.

Most Sundays in the fall and spring the children and youth meet in their groups. Each age group has a different focus. and different (age-appropriate) activities. Each month we have a common theme for our activities. We also have many multi-age activities such as a Thanksgiving feast, a Christmas pageant, Winter Workshops (where we do a special project all together), an Easter Egg hunt and many multi-age social activities. But, really, it is all about nurturing loving hearts, curious minds and joyful spirits.


Pre-K (ages approx. 3-5) Making Friends

We make friends with other people, the world around us and with ourselves through play, childrens worship, and service to others.

K-3 (ages approx. 6-8) Exploring Our Stories

We explore the stories that ground us in our Unitarian Universalist faith, with wisdom from the worldsreligions and insight from many cultural perspectives.

Gr. 4-6 (ages approx. 9-11) Building Our Community

We build our church community by worshiping together, asking and seeking answers to lifes big questions and being of service to the wider world.

Gr. 7-8 (ages approx. 12 – 13) Creating Connections

We create meaningful connections through Our Whole Lives, learning about ethics and safety in personal and sexual relationships (year 1). We also create meaningful connections to our faith by composing and presenting our credo statements in Coming of Age (year 2).

Gr. 9-12 (ages approx. 14-18) Living Our Faith

By the time we reach high school age, we are ready to live our faith in the world through service, celebration and involvement in the wider church and U.U. community. Traditionally this group has been called HIPwhich stands for Happy Interesting People.


This we believe.

The Unitarian Universalist Principles, simplified here in terms we can understand at any age, provide the context for developing and practicing the values family seek to reinforce.

  • Each and every person is important
  • All people should be treated fairly and kindly
  • We should accept one another and keep learning together
  • Each person is free to search for what is true and right in life

  • All persons should have a vote about the things that concern them
  • We should seek a peaceful, fair, and free world for all
  • We should care for our planet Earth together, the home we are sharing with all living things.

How do we teach our children values and make sure our messages resonate above the mixed messages in the Media?

Our weekly curriculum helps connect the dots.

Empathy…Appreciating the joys and concerns of others.

Responsibility…Lead, serve, fundraising for a meaningful cause.

Compassion…Learn about the hardships of others, volunteer at Community Table, join in the Hunger Walk.

Kindness…Honor diversity, learn inclusiveness and acceptance.

Commitment…How to make a serious promise or covenant to one another.

Justice…Fight for what is right. The Heifer Project, marriage equality, habitat for humanity, mission trips.

Stewardship…Taking care of our church and our environment. Green sanctuary.

Creativity…Lead worship, participate in children’s choir, visit our play unit and volunteer.

Sexuality…Honest and accurate sexuality education for all and encourages acceptance.

Amazing things happen when we get together.