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Participation by members and friends in all areas of church life is essential to the continued success of the Church.  If you have a skill, a talent, or an interest – or just a burning desire to make friends and do great things – chances are you’ll find one of our many committees to be just what you’re look for!

Unitarian Universalist organizations are self-governing and independent to operate as per the vote of its members. Authority and responsibility are vested in the membership of the congregation, which adopts its own bylaws, elects its own officers and approves its operating budget. Every member is encouraged to take part in church or fellowship activities. Our active committees are essential to the life and growth of our congregation.

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Committee Chair: Russ Pelham

Building & Grounds

Committee Chair: Jim Savicki

Regularly assess, maintain, and upgrade all church buildings and grounds.

Building Use

Committee Co-Chairs: Jon Lehman & Sharon Nebreski

Capital Projects

Chair: Jim Savicki

A capital project is a construction, improvement or renovation of a church building, having an estimated cost of $5,000 or more. For a description of the procedure to be followed in proposing and carrying out capital projects, see the Capital Projects Policy and Procedure (as revised May,2013) in the FPC Policy Manual in the church office or contact the parish administrative assistant for a Capital Project Proposal Package in hardcopy or via e-mail.

This form may also be used to propose construction, improvement or renovation projects with an estimated cost of less than $5,000. Such projects may be proposed directly to the Buildings & Grounds Committee, bypassing the Capital Projects Planning Committee.


The Caring Connection

Committee Chair: Kathy Bray

The mission of the Caring Connection is to mobilize the caring power of Church members and friends to comfort and support fellow parishioners in need.

Volunteer opportunities include meal preparation, light housekeeping, transportation to healthcare appointments, babysitting, or visiting shut-ins; providing assistance to members of our church community who are having a difficult time.

If you have time to volunteer, please contact the church office at 781-934-6532.

Cell Funds Outreach

The Cell Funds Outreach considers projects and programs to fund using cell tower proceeds.

Wondering what Cell Funds are? Learn More

Download Grant Application:  Non_Capital_Cell_Funds_Application


Committee Chair: Tracy Wagner

The Communications Committee’s purpose is to inform our congregation, as well as the general public, of our church’s activities, of our religion, and to strive to effectively publicize the events that take place at First Parish Church. This is accomplished through our website, social media, The Bell-Ringer newsletter, weekly NUUws bulletins, our radio program “The Spiritual Life,” Pac-TV show, and content and photo submissions to the press.

The Communications Committee is ready, able and willing to publicize church events, helping other church members and committees however possible. The Communications Committee has graphic designers, website designers, photographers and writers on the team that offer their services and expertise.


Committee Chair: Caroline Krantz


Committee Chair: Tom Conner


Committee Chair: Gail Murphy

Governing Board

The Governing Board represents the Parish membership and exercises general supervision over all matters affecting the interests and welfare of the church between Parish meetings. The Board consists of nine voting members including the President, President-Elect, Treasurer, Parish Clerk and five at-large board members, each of whom is responsible for liaison with a cluster of committees. Our Minister and Director of Religious Education are non-voting members of the board. The Board meets at least once monthly during the church year to conduct the business of the church and to address policy and budget issues.

To reach the Governing Board, call the Church Office at (781) 934-6532 or send an email to

Bylaw revisions 

Governing Board 2015 – 2016

  • Liz Christmann, President
  • Tracy Wagner, President Elect
  • Carl Schweitzer, Treasurer
  • kathleen Teehan, Parish Clerk
  • Jay Bray, Physical Plant
  • Mark Dunay, Sunday Morning
  • Mary Flanagan, Outreach
  • Sharon Nabreski, Finance
  • Jim Hamilton, Moderator
  • Rev. Catherine Cullen, Minister
  • Ruth Owen, Interim Director of Religious Education
Historical Committee

Committee Chair: Betsy Stevens
View First Parish Church History and Building & Architecture History


Committee Chair: Jean Baker
How to become a member of First Parish Church.


Committee Chair: Regina Mortland

Facilitate and maintain the quality of the ministry of the called minister as well as the ministries of other committees and individuals within First Parish Church.


Committee Chair: Karl Schweitzer

Partner Church

Committee Chair: Jerry Larke

The mission of the Partner Church Committee is to sponsor and coordinate an on-going relationship with our Unitarian Partner Church in Nyaradszereda, Transylvania, Romania. Unitarianism has its roots in Transylvania where it was founded in the 1500s. The church has survived in the Hungarian communities in Transylvania and after the fall of Communism, relationships between American and Transylvanian parishes were established. This work is an important part of our international outreach at First Parish Church. The relationship is made possible through the Unitarian Universalist Partner Church Council.

Learn more about the The Church in Nyaradszerada

Religious Education

Committee Chair: Missy Schortmann

DRE Relations: Kathy Teehan

Small Group Ministry

Learn more here: Small Group Ministry

Social Justice & Social Justice Grants

Committee Chair: Cindy Ladd-Fiorini

Summer Fair

Committee Chairs:  Tracy Wagner

Learn More



Russ Pelham
Donna Savicki
Peter Nappellio
Jeanne Penvenne
Rudy Lagner

Welcoming Congregation

Committee Co-Chairs: Ruth Phillips Oakland & Cindy Wilson

The First Parish Church Welcoming Congregation Committee actively affirms and promotes the first Unitarian Universalist principle: The recognition of the inherent worth and dignity of every person.

We strive to support civil rights and to foster understanding, enabling us to welcome gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people into the church family.

Learn more: Welcoming Congregation

Worship & Music

Committee Chair: Jim Hamilton

Mission Statement: “The Worship-Music Committee strives to meet the diverse spiritual needs of the congregation while supporting the minister and music director in working to create welcoming and high quality worship services. Our worship should lift up Unitarian Universalist principles and be accessible to all

Click here for information about our recent Worship-Music survey and the actions we have taken as a result.

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